City of Angels

While I was sitting at home on New Years Day trying to find something to watch I decided to take advantage of the movie channels that I pay so much for. I was in the mood to watch a romantic movie so I sorted through the movies labeled “Romance” under several movie channels. Nothing caught my eye. The movie City of Angels happened to cross my mind. I must have watched it dozens of times while in high school and it remained one of my favorite movies.

As I sorted through the last movie channel, for some reason they had a “Nicolas Cage” section and I couldn’t believe that City of Angels was there! It was obviously meant to be. I was never a Nicolas Cage fan, he wasn’t the reason I watched the movie, it was the story that moved me every time. He plays the role of an angel named Seth, who choses to give up eternity and fall to earth for a woman he loves named Maggie played by Meg Ryan. For anyone to love someone else that much was inspiring.

Could you imagine traveling through space at anytime to any location, floating above earth while enjoying all of the beauty that the world has to offer for all of eternity and then giving that up for one person? To be able to touch them, smell them, feel them, share a life with them which wouldn’t be possible unless you gave up everything you ever knew.

In real life, how many of us sacrifice aspects of our lives, our history, our future, ourselves for someone we love. Whether it be converting religions, leaving behind relationships that your partner isn’t fond of, moving to a new city to start over, putting your goals and dreams on hold to support theirs. We do so many things out of love with no guarantee that we will end up with a happy ending. We step out in faith that the sacrifices we make, the time we invest, and the feelings we share will be worth it.

In the last few minutes of the movie (if you haven’t seen it, sorry for spoiling) Maggie character dies. She was on the way back from purchasing the fruit she wanted him to taste for the first time. She loved him so much and was so excited to share new experiences with him and she wanted to show him the world. No matter how much they love each other, things happen in life that are out of our control and unfortunately her life was cut short. Seth was asked, if he knew that she was going to be taken from him so soon, would he have made the same decision to fall for her? His answer was yes. For him, one moment with her meant more than an eternity without her.


After doing everything it takes to make relationships work but things don’t work out, was what you went through worth it? If you knew that things were going to end badly, would you still make the same sacrifices? There are times when people genuinely love each other but they’re just not meant to stay together. Or you may love someone more and be willing to sacrifice more which means that’s not the right love for you. Regardless of how it ends, it shouldn’t make the love any less meaningful.

Even when we love wholeheartedly there is no guarantee of that bond lasting for eternity. Heartache, rejection, pain, and loss are as impactful as love and happiness. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that there is no light without darkness. The bad helps us appreciate the good when it comes. If we didn’t experience heartache, how would we know how invaluable true love is?


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