LA Confidential

As I boarded my early morning flight with my friends to visit Los Angeles for one girl’s birthday I was looking forward to going out in the city for the first time. I’ve been there before but never with people my age. I’ve visited with my family and we’ve only seen the city to check out the tourists attractions. I was looking forward to seeing another side of such a popular travel destination.

The first day was full of laughter, sunshine, and boxed wine. We got so turned up early on that we had to take a nap. After regrouping and figuring out our destinations for the rest of the trip we decided to check out The Standard which boast a popular happy hour at their rooftop bar. It took us so long to get ready that we arrived at the tail end of happy hour.

Within minutes a man approached us “on behalf of his friends” to tell us how beautiful we looked and to invite us to their table. We didn’t even have time to check out the selection of other guys there but when my friends heard free drinks they followed him to the lounge where his friends awaited. To my surprise, they had a biergarten across from the trendy lounge area where all of the patrons sat in their suits with cigars. Checking out their selection of German beer and admiring the authentic set up with greenery and picnic tables made me miss Berlin even more. It also gave me a distraction from the older men talking my friend’s ears off.

We had a dinner reservation at one of the pricier restaurants in the city, Mastro’s. They have several locations across the country however the LA location’s Penthouse section was an attraction for those looking to see and be seen. Spending so much money on food wasn’t a habit of mine, especially since I don’t eat large portions, but it was one of the few places the birthday girl was looking forward to visiting.

Later that night we tried unsuccessfully to venture into several low key lounges. The places gave us such a hard time at the door it wasn’t even desirable to go in. We ended up at Playhouse, a popular club that boasted murals of several Hip-Hop and R&B artists on the walls. Shortly after we got our drinks Fat Joe hoped up in front of the DJ booth and gave a performance of some of his biggest hits. That never happens in DC. Sure they have nights hosted by various celebrities but they usually show up 30 minutes before last call and don’t say a word to anyone outside of the entourage they came with or the girls they’re trying to sleep with. Apparently going out to the most popular spots in LA almost always guaranteed a performance by whichever artists were in the house.

Our first day seemed to be an overall success but after that our trip seemed to shift for the worse. Almost every place we went was so consumed with name brand handbags, designer shoes, and which celebrities were there. Trying to get into a lounge, club, or day party without knowing someone or without paying the price of a week long, all inclusive trip to Europe was impossible. People think that DC is full of people who all think they’re someone important but LA is a totally different beast.

All of the “trendy” spots frequented by all of the Instagram models is not only guarded by extremely rude and pretentious staff at the door and when you do make it inside it’s not about having a good time. It’s all about taking the most selfies, posting on Instagram, and Snapchatting every move you make. The only people that appeared to be having a good time were the few people that didn’t drop a few thousand on getting a table. Not to mention the people who look so cool and glamorous on social media are total douche bags in person (Shemar Moore).

It was also rare to meet a single guy that wasn’t retirement age that was interested in anyone of us. One person told me that the black guys were only interested in exotic looking women. Four beautiful black women were the equivalent of having potted plants in the room. I saw tons of beautiful women rocking varying styles in any given place and I admired them all. One thing I did appreciate about LA is that the women didn’t feel the need to dress up. You could see one girl in a club dress with heels and another girl in converse with jeans and a t-shirt right next to her.

As someone who has been going out since before I turned 21, it’s no longer a priority for me to get into clubs where most of the patrons are under 25, they’re smoking weed or doing various other drugs, and spilling vodka/soda on shoes that cost more than my car payment and mortgage combined. I’m not willing to compromise myself for a sugar daddy and I’d rather save my money for those trips where I can relax and have a good time without being judged the entire time. Not only is it too expensive but too dry.

On the way to the airport to go home, our Uber driver asked us how we enjoyed our trip. The birthday girl detailed to him all of the things she didn’t like. He could understand because he told us we were focused on the wrong things. In order to truly have a good time in LA, you needed to get far away from Melrose and Rodeo. The spots where you don’t need to promise your first born child or be a celebrity to get in weren’t the places raved about on social media. He offered to give us his number to advise us when we came back. None of us took him up on his offer because we didn’t plan on going back any time soon.


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