What I Want My (Future) Kids to Know

I hope one day to be blessed with a family of my own. Little, impressionable human beings that I can mold, inspire, and set free to make a positive impact on the world. There’s nothing more valuable than the belief that you should leave the world in a better way than you found it. Whether it be one person at a time, one community at a time, or one country at a time. Many of us feel like as an individual, our power of impact is limited. But what we fail to realize that if those of us that felt that way banded together we would be unstoppable. That’s what I want my children to be, unimpressionable, unwavering, and unstoppable.

The first thing I want to make sure they know is that everyone makes mistakes. There is no right or wrong way to live your life as long as you’re happy and not hurting anyone in the process. Society puts such pressure on us to have certain things, live a certain lifestyle, and build certain relationships and usually by a certain age. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities out there to make us happy. And what makes you happy at 25 may not make you happy at 30, 45, or 70. It is better to make changes to ensure your life is rich and full instead of staying in a situation because it’s comfortable. No matter how many times you have to try and get it right.

The second thing I want them to know is that you can’t please everyone. You are an individual and you will have flaws, opinions, or characteristics that others will not agree with or like.


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