Locations that Don’t Require a Visa for US Citizens

Tomorrow is November 8th, 2016. (Please note that Election Day is not November 28th, unless you’re planning to vote for Trump then go ahead and wait.) For several months the ugliest side of the United States has been displayed and the entire world watched as two of the least desirable candidates divide a country that had been doing a great job of covering up how ugly it could be.
One candidate ran on segregation, hate speech, encouraged violence and sexual assault, suggested tracking people like prey, kept his financial records and ties to other countries hidden, and all with absolutely no political experience. His actions caused racists to no longer keep their comments behind closed doors, now they were free to go online, go to rallies, or post on social media how much they hated the people who make up the United States.
As others in the country banded together to support the potential first female President, her poll numbers were knocked down by emails that were private, or maybe confidential, that were definitely illegal, but then determined that they weren’t illegal, and may or may not have anything to do with politics. She was also crucified for her part or compliance in the actions of her husband. Because you know, that’s all we women are….an extension of a man.
Many are fearful for the fate of the country. It’s like the band-aid has been ripped off and we can’t stop the bleeding. The country has taken several steps forward over the last few decades but knocked itself back just as many steps in a matter of months. Dependent on the results announced tomorrow night you may feel the need to take a 4 year break from the US.
As United States citizens we are pretty lucky in the sense that we are able to travel to many countries without obtaining a visa prior to entering. It seems that the world as a whole is making a shift for the worse i.e. Brexit, refugee discrimination throughout Europe, and Nazi resurgence here in Germany. However there are places within every country that represent positive and negative attributes whether they be big or small. I’ve compiled a list of countries that allow citizens with US Passports to stay without a visa for a certain amount of time (so you have enough time to figure out how to live there).
90 days or less
A frequently visited country with Spanish and Italian influence who’s southern border faces Antartica.
30 days or less but can be extended to 180 days
*Must prove proof of onward/return tickets, sufficient funds, and lodging accommodations may be required.
The Dutch and English speaking island is small but relaxed.
90 days of less within a  180 day period
Known for it’s northern Bohemian forest, eastern vineyards, and famously beautiful mountains.
90 days or less
Close enough to Florida where you still feel like you’re in the US.
90 days or less
The languages spoken are Dutch, French, and German and they’re famous for beer, chocolate, and waffles.
90 days or less
US Dollars go further in this country.
180 days or less
Seems to be the first place Americans think to go since it’s close in proximity.

90 days or less
*For tourist only, all others must apply for a visa prior to entry. If you stay longer, you can’t leave without a fine.
There’s beautiful, historic landscapes and the entire country runs along the ocean.
90 days or less
The have the oldest fairground in the world, the original lego land, and The Little Mermaid statue from 1913.
Dominican Republic
30 days or less
*Must purchase a tourist card at the airport for 10 USD upon entry or online prior to travel
Enjoy white beaches and blue waters while selling handmade bracelets on the island.
Equatorial Guinea
90 days or less
View the country’s 5 offshore volcanic islands, wildlife, and Spanish architectural influence.
90 days or less
Note that you are required by law to wear small reflectors on clothing during the dark, winter months and there are fines ranging from $50 to $500 USD for not wearing one.
90 days or less
See the Northern Lights and play in the snow as you visit the “Home of Santa”.
90 days or less
Great to city to be in love or fall in love in with your pick of great food and wine.
French Guiana
No visa is required
Combination of French culture with South America’s climate.
90 days or less
Known for beer enthusiast, bratwurst, and world famous techno parties.
90 days or less
Although it has faced recent financial struggles, the country’s historic ruins and pristine beaches continue to impress.
90 days or less
A place with amazing sunsets over the plains, traditional way of living, and central Europe’s largest caves.
90 days or less
Known for it’s historical landscape, friendly people, and love of stout beer.
90 days or less
From food to fashion to scenery you can’t go wrong in this country.
90 days or less
Listen to reggae and dancehall while enjoying authentic Jamaican rum.
90 days or less
While you may feel like a local celebrity due to some staring or locals asking for your photo if you are Black, many are drawn to this country for the amazing food, impressive architecture and technology.
90 days or less (within 6 months)
With one true major city and not a lot of tourism, this may be the perfect place to start over.
90 days or less
A great place for nature lovers with 5 national parks and 30 regional parks.
180 days or less
While there is a threat of violent crime in certain areas, there’s plenty of relatively safe cities where you can improve your Spanish, drink tequila, and enjoy quality tacos on days other than Tuesday.
 90 days or less
A location for those seeking a rural and quiet life boasting a naturally beautiful landscape.
90 days or less
Popular destination for 420 enthusiast, it’s a diverse country that was the first to legalize same sex marriage.
Not required for stays under 90 days
Proclaimed as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
90 days of less
The country isn’t particularly diverse however it has a lot of history.
90 days or less
Home to some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife.
90 days or less
Full of medieval castles but still reeling from communist control.
90 days or less
While the country also doesn’t experience a lot of diversity the people are friendly and the parties are wild.
90 days or less
An especially great place for those who enjoy Futbol, amazing nightlife, and beautiful architecture.
90 days or less
Winters may be brutal but there’s plenty of cozy cottages to go around.
90 days or less
One of the most developed countries in the world with the highest rate of wealth per person and home to the Alps.
30 days or less
Avoid the Burma and Cambodia borders as well as the southern region.
Trinidad and Tobago
90 days or less
Best of both worlds: the city side, Trinidad, and the blue water beach side, Tobago.
United Arab Emirates
30 days or less
One of the favorite locations of celebrities and the world’s most wealthy.
United Kingdom
90 days or less
It’s an expensive city to live in but full of historic sites.
The State Department has designated the following countries dangerous and they may have less than desirable living conditions. However, there are plenty of people who may still be interested in relocating to these places that also don’t require a visa prior to entering the country.
Not required for less than 180 days in a year
Although crime is generally low, the US can’t provide assistance to its citizens in certain areas, there are frequent earthquakes and landslides and certain borders are closed due to Nagorno-Karabakh Area and Conflict.
30 days or less
Criminals frequently target tourists. Crimes such as sexual assault, armed robbery, and murder, remains high as well as sexual harassment and/or assault of persons traveling alone or in small groups.
90 days or less

Crime is a serious and growing concern. Petty street crime is common. Home invasions, theft from vehicles, and muggings at knife point have also been reported. Crime is not only prevalent in urban areas but also in tourist and remote areas. Visitors are advised not to walk at night and avoid walking alone during the day.

Central African Republic
180 days or less
*Some airlines may still require a visa

Crime is common including Petty theft, armed gangs violence, violent demonstrations, looting, burning of buildings, and roadblocks as well as checkpoints staffed by armed actors seeking bribes.

90 days or less
Robbery and other violent crimes, as well as scams against unsuspecting tourists, are common in urban areas. Firearms are prevalent in Colombia which may result in muggings or robberies quickly turning violent.
Costa Rica
90 days or less
*Return ticket required
Crime is increasing especially against US tourist. The biggest concern is theft.
El Salvador
No visa required
*You must purchase a tourist card for 10 USD upon arrival and show proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay.
U.S. citizens may not be specifically targeted by criminals, however, crime and violence are serious problems throughout the country.
90 days or less
Tourists have been robbed at gunpoint. It is recommended to store any valuables in a hotel safe at all times. Express kidnappings where criminals enter a taxi and force victims to withdraw money from ATMs and may include beating or raping victims.
No visa required
There is a threat of terrorist attacks, assailants are frequently armed with firearms and U.S. citizens have reported occurrences of sexual assault in Georgia. If visiting, avoid Russian occupied regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
90 days or less
The number of violent crimes reported by U.S. citizens and other foreigners has remained high due to large scale drug and alien smuggling and reports of sexual assault.
30 days or less
The per capita murder rate in Guyana is three times higher than that of the United States.
No visa required
*Must provide evidence of return or onward travel
Since 2010, Honduras has had the highest murder rate in the world and the government doesn’t have the resources to improve violent crime rates.
30 days or less
Threat of terrorism and petty crime

Israel, the West Bank and Gaza

90 days or less
Demonstrations, terrorist attacks, and violent clashes resulting in death or injury to bystanders are commonly reported in Jerusalem and the West Bank. U.S. citizens are also warned against travel to the Gaza Strip, which is under the control of a foreign terrorist organization.
90 days or less
*A visa can be purchased at the airport upon arrival
Madagascar has experienced a dramatic spike not only in the number of crimes, but also in their severity and type, including armed attacks. Increased reports of home invasions, robberies and assaults.
90 days or less
Continued risk of armed terrorist and criminal groups operating and planning attacks against foreigners, including U.S. citizens.
90 days or less
A separatist regime controls the region and access to U.S. citizens is difficult. The U.S. Embassy may not be able to provide assistance in certain areas of the country. Non violent crimes and scams are common.
90 days or less

Crime in major cities and tourist areas is a concern. Aggressive panhandling, theft of wallet, purse, or valuables, harassment of women, street robberies involving the use of a knife and violent break-ins are commonly reported.


90 day or less
*Must purchase tourist card once arrived at the airport
Violent crime occurs throughout Nicaragua including vehicle burglaries, pick-pocketing, and occasional armed robberies. Tourist’s activities are subject to monitoring.
180 days or less
Outside the city limits, the Mosquito Coast (Caribbean side) and the Darien Region (Colombian border) are particularly hazardous due to their remoteness and the presence of criminal organizations.
90 days or less
*Free tourist visas are issued at the port of entry. Overstays will result in fines.
Many areas of the country are restricted and there are terrorists groups targeting US interest.
30 days or less
Kidnap-for-ransom gangs and terrorist groups are common.
Visa can be obtained once you arrive

Street crime is very common in Senegal. U.S. citizens have been robbed at knife-point and residences of U.S. citizens have been burglarized. Terrorist groups frequently target those from the west.

90 days or less
 Terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia (AAS-T) has expressed anti-U.S. and anti-Western sentiments. Criminals have targeted tourists and business travelers for muggings and scams.
90 days or less (within a 180-day period)
Tourists may be perceived as wealthy and become easy targets.  The police are poorly paid, and historically known for corruption and soliciting bribes. U.S. citizens have been specifically targeted by gunmen representing the self-proclaimed authorities and threatened, detained or kidnapped for hours/days. Small-scale bombings and terrorism incidents occur.
It’s important to do research on crime, economy, resources, and racial climate of any country you visit. The State Department (where most of this information was obtained) provides a map of the world with pertinent information regarding visa requirements, crime, and resources within each the country.
Many countries in the Middle East, South America, and Africa require a visa prior to entering. So if there’s a place you’d like to escape to that isn’t on this list, it means you need to start planning now.

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