The Wound America Wears

I began my travels throughout Europe over four years ago. Whenever locals heard my accent they would instantly ask, “Where are you from?” After responding that I was from the US, they would exclaim, “That’s so cool. I love Obama!” No matter where I went people would tell me how much they admired American culture... Continue Reading →


Surviving Under Water

One of my last memories of living in the US was planning a surprise party and trip to New York to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday. It was always important for me to make her feel special and loved especially on holIdays and her birthday. After all, she was also my best friend. On the... Continue Reading →

Life After Loss

Today marks a year since the worst day of my life. On that day I lost the most important person to me, my mother. Because of that, I lost the only life I had ever known. There was the life I knew before I lost my mother and the completely altered life I was faced... Continue Reading →

All About Honesty

Love is at the core of what I write about. Love of people - love of travel - love of self. Through a desire to learn more about love I started reading all about love by bell hooks. In it she establishes a definition of love and its core components. One of them is trust. It should... Continue Reading →

My Battle With At Home Dates

Prior to moving to Europe, the idea of having a first date at home was out of the question. To invite someone to my house or go to theirs, the assumption is that the night will end in sex. That arrangement was usually reserved for late nights after the club when I guy would walk... Continue Reading →

SATC Reality Check

My entire adult life I saw myself as a Carrie: a relationship focused writer with unconventional style that had been jaded by the behavior of men. From the nameplate necklace to developing my blog into a book and having a group of incredible and diverse friends, the parallels were nearly complete. Then a friend recently... Continue Reading →

The Man With Two Faces 

As I sat at my work desk swiping through guys on Tinder I asked myself, "what's the point of this?" Holding onto the one story of one friend who met her boyfriend from the app, and are still together three years later, I continued to swipe. Even though I had gone on nothing but numerous... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Refusal Resolution

As the year comes to a close many people proudly proclaim their New Year's Resolutions. Some want to make changes to better their health: "I'm going to exercise more" or vow to curb their habits in the hope of a more fulfilling life: "This year I'm going to travel internationally for the first time." There's... Continue Reading →

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